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Trial Data

The BioAdvantage Trials Program gathers data from large-scale field trials to demonstrate the efficacy and value of existing Novozymes products and products in the pipeline.

Since the program launched in 2015, farmers like you have led the successful development and testing of these products through over 300 trials – across 5 provinces, 4 different inoculants on 12 different crops.

Through the BioAdvantage Trials program, cooperators have enjoyed first access to new products, all while helping us to collect valuable localized product performance data to better allow us to tailor our products for farms across Canada.

View our BAT Booklet to see how our key products performed!

Click the map below to view large field scale trials on farms throughout Western and Eastern Canada.

Individual Plot Yield Report

Average Yield Difference ()
Win Rate
  • Map Legend:
  • Canola
  • Lentil
  • Pea
  • Wheat
  • Durum
  • Winter Wheat
  • Flax
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Other


Through our BioAdvantage Trials program, our cooperators have enjoyed first access to new products allowing them to see how our products will work locally. Our representatives work side-by-side with our cooperators, helping them throughout the trials process - from selecting the right inoculant and applying the product, to evaluating progress through the growing season and confirming yield results.?

It's great to have my BioAg rep out in the field with us;
helping us apply the products, going out and looking at results, digging up roots. It's very important and we have a great relationship."

"We have a long history of applying JumpStart on our canola. We always saw a positive response year after year."

“We’ve been trialing the QuickRoots product for two years. We do a stack of QuickRoots and JumpStart on our canola. This year we saw a 3-bushel advantage over the JumpStart applied on canola.”

Tyler Kessler 2017 BAT Cooperator

Kessler Ag Ventures, Regina South, 3rd-Year participant

I'm an agronomist,
so I've had other grower's trials with the TagTeam vs Nodulator. Consistently, the bushel increase is at least a bushel or better with TagTeam LCO, and reduced problems flowing through the drill. Haven't had any problems, it's just been fantastic."

"The BioAg team is fantastic, They're there whenever you have questions, or if you want them to come and check something out, the are always available."

Dustin McLaren 2017 BAT Cooperator

Agronomist  - Yorkton, Saskatchewan

We've had a great experience
working with our BioAg representative, Nicole. She’s really helpful getting the product to us and helping us out with it.”

“I wasn’t completely sold on biologicals when I started my BioAdvantage trials, but after I was done, I was completely sold.”

Jason Stiglitz 2017 BAT Cooperator

Agronomist  - Yorkton, Saskatchewan