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Product Overview

Zinc (25%) Sulphur (8%)


A homogeneous grade of zinc sulphate and zinc oxide with a low analysis to insure a better distribution throughout the fertilizer blend and in the field.

Particle size: Size Guide Number (SGN) – 220
Bulk density (lb per cubic foot): 90 – 95
Salt index: 20

Key benefits at a glance

  • F-425G has optimum water solubility providing excellent plant availability and compatibility with all fertilizer blends.
  • Product analysis of 25% zinc will supply initial amount of zinc sulphate for immediate plant availability, and zinc oxide for soil buildup and extended plant needs.
  • Low analysis zinc for excellent field distribution which enhances nutrient uptake at low application rates.



Product Information

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ZnZinc Zinc is essential in a wide range of plant functions as an enzyme co-factor, in protein synthesis and protein structure, hormone regulation, early root development, energy production and is key for seed formation.

SSulphur Sulphur has many critical functions in the plant including: Formation of chlorophyll essential for photosynthesis. The majority of sulphur in crops is as a constituent of three S-containing amino acids (cysteine, cystine and methionine), which are the building blocks of protein. It is important for yield and crop quality, and essential for enzyme activation, nitrogen metabolism and in oilseeds it is crucial for oil synthesis.

Zinc shortages will result in:

  1. Shortened internodes.
  2. Stunted plants/leaves.
  3. Reduced seed set.
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