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Product Overview


Designed for broadcast or shallow banding applications with balanced protection against nitrogen loss.

Active Ingredients

  • NBPT 17%
  • DCD 25%

Triple Protection From:

  • Volatilization
  • Denitrification
  • Leaching

Key Benefits At A Glance

  • Protection of nitrogen from potential losses.
  • Helps to create an efficient nitrogen source for all crops.
  • Added to UAN to become a homogeneous liquid solution.
  • Added to UREA to evenly coat and penetrate each granule to the core.
  • Used in early spring and fall application of UREA or UAN.

Benefits of NEON Nitrogen Stabilizers

NEON nitrogen stabilizer products use PENXCEL technology, a uniquely formulated fertilizer additive for urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) fertilizers. NEON nitrogen stabilizer products utilize two highly concentrated actives for triple-action control of nitrogen losses.

  • Select the right stabilizer to protect nitrogen against loss.
  • Take advantage of fall and spring applications of nitrogen.
  • Ensure that your crops have available nitrogen longer into the growing season for optimal yield and protein.
  • Using a stabilizer is great insurance to protect your valuable nitrogen investment.
  • We can’t predict what the growing season will bring, hedge your investment with the proper stabilizer.

Penetrates Deeper

The PENXCEL delivery system drives active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the prills or granules of solid fertilizer. Where competitive water-based products coat only the outside of the granule, NEON nitrogen stabilizer is able to reach the core of the granule, resulting in more effective protection of your Urea investment.


Accelerates Blending

PENXCEL speeds the blending process. With low viscosity, it pours quickly even in the cold weather. It easily coats and blends with fertilizer. It blends up to 25% faster than other industry standard formulations with granular fertilizer, saving time during the critical application season. It also is non-corrosive to your equipment. The end result is consistent fertilizer product that flows freely and performs in the field.

Application Rates