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Ottawa Valley Farm Show

Mar 12- Mar 14    |    Ottawa, Ontario

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3 forms of Granular Micronutrients?

Do you know the 3 forms of Granular Micronutrients?

Not all micronutrients are made equal and knowing the different forms of granular micronutrients available in the market is key to ensuring you are not leaving potential yields in your fields.

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TagTeam® LCO

A better return on investment:

  • Lentil: $21.67 ROI/ac

  • Pea: $17.92 ROI/ac

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Are you getting the copper you think you are?

F-212G supplies an initial amount of copper sulphate for immediate plant availability and copper oxide soil buildup for extended plant needs.

  • Copper (Cu) 12.5%
  • Zinc (Zn) 4.5%
  • Sulphur (S) 4.5%
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Granular Micronutrients

Granular Micronutrients

Ensure your crop has the nutrients they need...
...when they need them!

  • Sulphates supply nutrients for immediate plant availability
  • Oxides help with soil buildup and extended plant needs
  • Optimum water solubility provides excellent plant availability

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Results Focused

At NexusBioAg we have a dedicated team that focuses on a portfolio of proven products; inoculants, nitrogen stabilizers, micronutrients, and foliars to deliver essential crop nutrition and maximize your results.

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NexusBioAg is proud to provide an expanded portfolio of crop nutrition solutions, which includes industry leading inoculants, micronutrients, nitrogen stabilizers and foliar products.

NexusBioAg is committed to helping Canadian growers and retailers run their businesses more efficiently and anticipate, navigate, and leverage meaningful growth opportunities.

When you choose to work with the innovation leader in the ag market, you’ll be working with a dedicated team, who provide solutions designed to help you produce more with less—and do so in a sustainable way that benefits agriculture, the consumers, the environment, and society as a whole.

NexusBioAg strives to help meet the needs of increasingly unique agricultural businesses, while leveraging our diverse collection of inventory and logistics experts, scientists, procurement, customer service, and sales and marketing experts.

Through these best-in-class capabilities, a collaborative team-oriented approach, and our commitment to agricultural integrity, NexusBioAg is helping our customers innovate and grow.

Your solution for crop nutrition.

BioAdvantage Trials

  • JumpStart® + QuickRoots® Canola 1.9 Yield Difference (Bu/Ac) 73% Win Rate View Full Results
  • TagTeam® LCO Pea 2.1 Yield Difference (Bu/Ac) 86% Win Rate View Full Results