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Mar 12- Mar 14    |    Ottawa, Ontario

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Product Overview

Nutrient Efficiency Like No Other


Levesol DFC Zn is a zinc solution chelated with ortho-ortho EDDHA designed to be mixed with a dry starter fertilizer to enhance nutrient availability and uptake to maximize yield potential.

Total Nitrogen 5%
4.0% Urea Nitrogen
1.0% Ammoniacal Nitrogen

Total Zinc 8%
8.0% Chelated Zinc
Derived from zinc EDTA and zinc ortho-ortho EEDHA

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Key Benefits At A Glance

  • Increases the length of time that the zinc is available for optimal plant uptake.
  • Ortho-ortho chelate allows nutrients in the fertilizer and soil to become more available for plant uptake.
  • First of its kind chelating agent that can be impregnated to a dry starter fertilizer.

MicroEssentials + LEVESOL DFC ZN on Wheat

Levesol Micronutrients

Levesol Micronutrients Yield

Yield Advantage
Average across sites showed 5.2 bu/ac increase with Levesol DFC ZN.

Data provided by CHS Inc.
  • Years: 2015-2021 (3rd Party Replicated Research)
  • Institutions Represented: NDSO, Montana State University, Washington State, 3rd Party Research Groups
  • 11 trials

Overcoming Availability Issues Through Chelation

Ortho Diagram
  • Chelation overcomes ionic bonds in the soil to pull micronutrients into the soil solution releasing phosphorus.
  • Chelation can make nutrients available in a usable form ready for uptake.
  • Chelates come in different forms and strengths
    • Citric Acid - Weakest
    • EDTA
    • Ortho-Ortho EDDHA - Strongest
Application Rates