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Product Overview

Raise your pulse with N & P


TagTeam inoculant provides a balanced nutrition of phsophate and nitrogen by combining the active ingredient from JumpStart® with a nitrogen-fixing bacteria to produce a dual-action inoculant. Balanced nutrition is necessary to maximize your crop's yield potential.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Improved nodule formation
  • Enhanced nutrient availability, which support root and shoot growth
  • Improved phosphate availability
  • Improved nitrogen fixation

Phosphate is crucial to nitrogen fixation

Research shows that phosphate nutrition has a significant, positive impact on nitrogen fixation.1 Good phosphate nutrition results in more nodules being formed and more active nitrogen fixation.

  • Phosphate helps move the energy from photosynthesis to the roots, where it is needed to fuel nitrogen fixation
  • More extensive root growth provides greater opportunity for the development of nitrogen-fixing nodules
  • Faster development of active nodules results in greater nitrogen fixation
  • Phosphate nutrition increases the number and size of nodules, and the amount of nitrogen fixed by the plant

1 Phosphorus for Agriculture. Potash and Phosphate Institute. 1988. Reprinted from Fall 1988 issue of Better Crops with Plant Food magazine.

How the technology works

Utilizes a naturally occurring soil fungus for improved phosphate availability and beneficial rhizobia for increased nitrogen fixation. /_uploads/images/products/how-it-works/HowItWorks_TagTeam.png
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