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Product Overview

Balanced Nutrition


Balanced nutrition of phosphate and nitrogen is necessary to maximize your crop’s yield potential. TagTeam inoculant provides this balanced nutrition by combining the active ingredient from JumpStart® inoculant with a nitrogen-fixing bacteria to produce a dual-action inoculant.

Phosphate Is Crucial To Nitrogen Fixation

Research shows that phosphate nutrition has a significant, positive impact on nitrogen fixation.1 Good phosphate nutrition results in more nodules being formed and more active nitrogen fixation.

  • Phosphate helps move the energy from photosynthesis to the roots, where it is needed to fuel nitrogen fixation
  • More extensive root growth provides greater opportunity for the development of nitrogen-fixing nodules
  • Faster development of active nodules results in greater nitrogen fixation
  • Phosphate nutrition increases the number and size of nodules, and the amount of nitrogen fixed by the plant

1 Phosphorus for Agriculture. Potash and Phosphate Institute. 1988. Reprinted from Fall 1988 issue of Better Crops with Plant Food magazine.

How It Works

Utilizes a naturally occurring soil fungus for improved phosphate availability and beneficial rhizobia for increased nitrogen fixation. /_uploads/images/products/how-it-works/HowItWorks_TagTeam.png
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